Monday, April 15, 2013

Collis Ta'eed- Web Designer

Overall, it was pretty hard to find biological information (such as birthday, family information and all that stuff) about Collis Ta’eed. I still wanted to blog about him because after looking at his sites I was intrigued. I found him listed as #1 on the “30 Most Influential People in Web Design” and wanted to learn more. Collis is known to be an entrepreneur, blogger and web designer. He lives in Hong Kong and travels all around the world. I could tell that he was very open to fans because of his mentioning of contacting him and he uses Twitter a lot. He created, and is now the CEO of Envato, a site that helps people learn online through courses, eBooks, videos and blogs. Envato has many different marketplaces, which are different memberships that you can buy to learn new things. For example, Tuts Premium helps people to learn web design, web apps, video design and many other things.

I really like the Envato site. It has a nice light green background with white bubbles, that is calming and not overwhelming. The top right corner then has numbers, where you can put your cursor on top of to find out what they mean (Marketplace Membership=2,594,764 and Combined Twitter and RSS Count for All Envato Web Properties=750,760). This shows that many people are using Envato, which leads us to believe it has reliable information. The mission is underneath these items and it is easy to read. I also like the changes from black to gray font because makes the headings stand out from the text. Then there are all of the different membership options with the name, a link to that page, a description and a screenshot of the next page. The screenshot helps for customers to be able to decide what they are looking for and the descriptions are very easy to understand. As you scroll, down the background stays the same and I find that pretty cool. Next come an about paragraph which is helpful and it is good that it is underneath the membership options because it is important, but not as important as the other information. Then the website goes on to list their team, where they featured and how to contact them or get support. All of the “subwebsites” are also very simple and easy to understand with great descriptions, ratings, titles and screenshots.

Overall, I think the size and layout of the website is very nice. The design is simple and does not require me to go to many different pages. Also there is an option to just skip down the page to go to different pieces, such as “Meet Our Websites”, “About Envato” and “Contact Us”. I am really interested in all of this web design stuff.

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