Monday, April 15, 2013

Natalia González Requena: Artist Lecture

I went to Natalia González Requena’s lecture about her work and it was really interesting. Natalia González Requena is from Bolivia and lives in Bolivia and Pittsburgh (and is also visiting St. Mary’s College of Maryland (wohoo)). She has a Master of Fine Arts, specifically in Studio Art and a Certificate in the Teaching of Art (from the Maryland Institute College of Art) and a licentiate in Fine Arts (from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile). She currently is a drawing instructor at “La Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UPSA) and has taught painting classes. She has been in many different exhibitions in many different places around the world.
Natalia González Requena spoke about her art and many different topics involving her artwork. She started out by talking about how time and space are both a continuum. She also talked about how she liked to emphasize moment in her artwork. This can be seen in her video where the wall moves to reveal two cameras looking at each other and also in her silent video of her putting together different cables. She definitely concentrated on placement in all of her artwork. Overall, in her artwork I see a lot of thought and taking everyday activities and everyday images and making them art.  

One of my favorite parts about her work is that she uses emptiness (or white space) as a big component of her work. Another part I liked about her work was how she spoke about “chance interruptions” and how something can be “imperfected”, but that makes it more artistic. I really like the videos and how they are silent which makes the audience focus in on the video and really think and enjoy the artwork. In her “Photo Essay of Light Recordings Installation” I really liked the video because it showed a slow progression of events that went on. Overall, I really like Natalia González Requena’s work. Due to the fact we are doing website design, I must point out that I really like her website design too. 

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