Monday, April 1, 2013

Public Space in a Private Time

I found Vito Acconci's "Public Space in a Private Time" very interesting. I really liked the different topics that he introduced, such as time, space, God, piazzas and he even brings in some geometry. I also really like the voice that he uses. The sentence, "Private space becomes public when the public wants it; public space becomes private when the public that has it won't give it up," shows a definition of how areas become private versus public spaces. I had never thought this way. It shows that we create public spaces when we want it, but then change them to private when we get too attached.

My favorite paragraph was definitely the first one. I really liked the ideas that were introduced. I have definitely noticed how we are really dependent on ourselves when it comes to knowing what time it is. If you do not have some way of knowing what time it is there is a very low chance that you will find out unless you ask another person (hoping they have some way of telling). I would like to add to Vito Acconci's opinion about "time being on your sleeve" that today it is more like time is in your pocket-on your cell phone. I see more people checking the time on their phone than on a watch. In fact, I would say the number of people who wear watches has definitely decreased. As a child, I wore a watch to tell the time, now I have my handy-iPhone! (Our dependence on fancy technology is terrible.) Another update that I would like to add to this "article" is when Vito Acconci said, "Time came cheap now". I have seen some super expensive watches out there. Public time is definitely dead.

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